Monday Jun 06th, 2022


Ever just feel the need to redecorate? Scouring endless magazines for ideas and still confused? Here are five tips I found to guide you through a new decoration process.

Avoid The “Too Small Rug”

The ‘too small rug‘ is such a common mistake, but it can throw off the whole room. One rule is to have at least the front two legs of all the furniture on the rug.

Vary the Art Configuration on Each Wall
What you want to avoid is every wall looking the same and showcasing one similar piece of art, hung at the same height. Instead think about mixing in a gallery wall, mirror, shelves, leaning art… experiment!

Don’t Chase Every Trend

Sure, it’s always fun to take risks, but be very careful diving too deep into trends with your permanent finishes, like flooring, windows and architectural details. You might find that trend didn’t last very long at all!

Don’t Hang Curtains Too High Off The Floor

Always size up (90-96″ usually works for 8-9′ ceilings), so the curtains hang long enough to touch - or almost touch the floor. Always try to get as close to the floor as you can.

Look At What You Already Own

We all love to shop and it’s always tempting to replace something old with something new. But before you do, look at your own pieces with new eyes. They just might now become a cherished item in a newly painted room.

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